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Q "How far in advance do I need to place my order?"

      A: Please allow a week for your order.  

Q: "Are all your products gluten and dairy free?"

       A: Yes, all items online are gf and df. The only dairy used is in Swiss Buttercream on cakes/cupcakes through special orders. However, that too can be dairy free. 

Q: "What are the ingredients in your products?"

       A: All ingredients can be found on each individual menu item.

Q: "What do you mean by refined sugar?"

       A: Refined sugar refers to processed white cane sugar, which is linked to a lot of health and mental health issues. I primarily use maple and coconut palm sugar which does not seem to have the same effects, such as blood sugar spiking, ADHD and "sugar addiction".


Q:  "Where are you located?"

      A: We are located in the North Raleigh area. You can find a variety of pastries at Smooth Joe Coffee, 5321 Tin Roof Way, Raleigh, NC 27616                         

Q: "Do you offer shipping?"

      A: Yes! We offer shipping of most products (with the exception of cakes and cupcakes) throughout the continental US.  

Q: "Do you offer delivery?"

    A: Currently, we are not delivering.

Q: "What if I can not pick up my order during the listed hours?"

    A: In Raleigh, it may be possible to arrange alternative pick up, but you will need to call or text do discuss options. 




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Q: "Do you make custom cakes and orders?"

      A: Yes, we may be able to fulfill a custom cake/pastry order.  However, you will want to contact us via email ( or text 919-239-3675.  You can also message me through FB or Instagram.

Q: "Can you make cakes without refined sugars and artificial coloring?"

       A: Absolutely, you will just need to specify when ordering. There is an additional charge for using natural sugars in cakes/cupcakes.

Q: "Can I substitute an ingredient if there is still an allergy to the usual ingredients list?"

       A: Yes, it is possible, depending on the issue. There may be an additional charge depending on the request.  Feel free to call or email before ordering to make sure we are able to fulfill your specific request.

Q: "Do you use fondant on cakes?"

       A: I do not generally work with fondant, but decorate with buttercream. It is smoothed to resemble fondant to achieve the same effect.

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