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I was born and raised in Wilson, NC. In College, I started pursuing math and chemistry, only to get bored and pursue a fine arts degree instead at a smaller college. I moved to Raleigh in the early 2000’s and was working mostly as a graphics designer.  In 2011, I made a big career change due to several years working in an oppressive environment.  I quit my job and went back to school full time to become a chef. This is where I found my love for baking.  Before that, I couldn’t seem to bake anything, and quite frankly, was scared of it.  When I learned the science behind it, there was no stopping me!

After graduating in my late 30’s from the Art Institute of Raleigh-Durham with a degree in International Culinary Arts, I realized that I had a problem with gluten (having eaten more in that short period of time than my entire life!). Unlike many, my symptoms did not manifest as digestive, but disrupted my brain.  I had severe depression and anxiety, cognitive issues, fatigue and an increase in generalized pain.  I didn’t feel I could even hold down a job.  If it had not been for a Chef at school telling me that he found gluten to cause that in himself, I may have never realized it was exacerbated by gluten. After completely avoiding it after a week, I knew I would never touch the stuff again!  A few years later I found that I was allergic to the protein in dairy cows, casein, as well.  After avoiding dairy, I no longer had problems with asthma, itchy nose, and other allergy-based symptoms that I had come to just accept.  Again, no thank you!  These issues are way more common than you think and generally do not get diagnosed. It is also something most people don’t want to believe because it may mean a life-style change. 

My health and wellbeing have become an important part of my life, yet my love for high quality baked goods left me feeling, well, deprived.  I was determined to “have my cake and eat it too!”  After recovering from the deep depression, I had the pleasure of working with one of the finest bakers/pastry chefs around, Tanya Matta (the owner of Daisy Cakes in Durham). She developed the best gluten free flour I had ever tasted. I sought out gluten free baked goods everywhere. I went to NYC, Boston, DC, etc. where I was sure to find a cupcake that was equal to Tanya’s.  I never did!  After leaving Daisy Cakes, I promised Tanya I would never divulge her recipe or use it for my own gains, and I kept my promise.  However, I needed gluten free flour, so clearly I had to figure something out and was already spoiled by the best.  So, I created my own mix loosely based on what I knew, but it was never the same.

After the pandemic hit and I had nothing else to do, I decided to work on it again. After many trials and errors, I hit on what I felt was a winner! And in some ways worked better. It made a great biscuit, scone, and chocolate chip cookie. But knowing I didn’t want to eat so much sugar (and these were so good!), I started experimenting with natural sugars.  It wasn’t long before I had determined that I have created the best gluten, dairy, and refined sugar free cookie I had ever eaten. And, let’s face it, a gluten AND dairy free cookie seems to be one of the least enjoyable treats around. I’ve tried so many and wasted a lot of money on cookies that were almost inedible. But there is nothing like a really good, well-made cookie.  I don’t want to be the only one who gets to enjoy these treats. you go!

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